Booking Conditions

All conference fees paid to the conference provider, The Sea of Faith Network UK (organiser’) by those attending conference (‘attendees’) constitute a contract in accordance with the following conditions. These, in part, are conditions of the University (‘venue’), which we must pass on as information.

Freedom of Information Act

Attendees making a booking agree to and shall understand that such information that is given may be digitally stored and held on computers by the organisers. The information will not be voluntarily given to any third party, with the exception of information regarding medical conditions, as described below.

Medical Conditions and Allergies

Attendees are requested to advise the organiser of any serious disability, medical condition or allergy (e.g. food or bed linen) that may require attention in arrangements or urgent medical assistance during the conference. Giving such information, the attendee shall have agreed that such information may be digitally stored on computers and shared with staff at the venue, should it affect their organizational or emergency procedures, or with the emergency services, if necessity arises.

The attendee should bring necessary medications for foreseeable eventualities (e.g. inhalers). It may be necessary for attendee, venue and organiser to negotiate provision on some appropriate occasions.

Attendees with limited mobility who shall be resident and require a downstairs room are asked to request this of the organisers on the booking form.

Please note, no disability, medical condition or allergy shall lead the organisers to reject an attendee’s application.


As the venue asks for a confirmed list of attendees in advance of the conference, it is necessary that attendees book by 15 July. Thereafter places may only be available subject to cancellations. For cancellations before 1 July, booking fees will be refunded in full subject to a £5 administration charge.  For cancelled bookings from that date, there will be a deduction of 40%.


If a reservation is made by paying a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 per person and the balance is not paid by 30 June, then the late booking fee will be payable .


Though the organiser will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate attendees in the room of their preferred choice, this cannot be guaranteed should unexpected numbers apply. Should it be necessary to accommodate attendees in standard or other accommodation, the difference in cost will be refunded.


Though the organiser will make every reasonable attempt to ensure the smooth running of the conference, in the event of accident, illness or other unforeseen eventuality, they cannot guarantee that all advertised events, conference lectures, seminars, workshops that are advertised in current and subsequent literature can take place.

Those offering workshops are asked to negotiate with the organisers any requirements for electrical equipment as soon as possible.

Loss or damage

The organisers can accept no responsibility or liability in respect of loss or damage to property brought onto the premises by attendees, including cars, or of keys and passes issued by the organiser. The attendee should therefore hold appropriate insurance cover where applicable.

Electrical Equipment

Attendees are asked to ensure that all electrical equipment brought onto the premises (e.g. hair driers) is working in accordance with manufacturers instructions and is safe.


No financial or other liability is accepted by the venue or organiser if for reasons beyond its control it is necessary to cancel the conference. All reasonable effort will be made to reimburse attendees, less whatever organizational costs have been incurred.


Attendees shall be required to wear name badges, or have them on their person and be able to show them to security staff on request, throughout the conference.