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Sea of Faith is a registered charity, no. 1113177

The Sea of Faith Network

SOF 2021

We alone create our religion and our faith

Sea of Faith is a network of groups and individuals who share the understanding that religions and religious faith are creations of the human mind and explore together the implications of that understanding for their moral, spiritual, social and cultural values.

SOF welcomes people from all faith and humanist communities, and those with no involvement in any organised religion. The membership reflects a range of experiential, intuitive and intellectual concerns.

The Sea of Faith Network

will be holding its

33rd Annual Conference

On Zoom

19th & 20th and 22nd & 23rd July

If you are planning to join us, please register here.

This year’s conference will be held over 4 days in July on Zoom: Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th, and Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd.

There will be sessions in the morning and afternoon on the first three days and in the morning of the fourth. Details can be found here in the provisional conference timetable. Each session will consist of one or more introductory talks followed by plenary discussions and/or break out groups.

Break out groups will be randomly selected by zoom, so it is hoped that you will be with a different group each session and so meet many of your fellow attendees.

The SOF AGM will be on the Thursday afternoon, Members will be sent an agenda and a zoom link. Anybody registered for the conference will also be able to join that session, although non-members will not be allowed to vote.

There is no fee for the conference and no limit to numbers, but we do ask that those wishing to attend register in advance so the we can send them further details and the Zoom log-in details. You will find the registration form here.

We are also offering Zoom practice sessions for those who would like to register but are not familiar with, or confident in the use of, the program. These sessions will be in the week before the conference.