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Sea of Faith is a registered charity, no. 1113177

The Sea of Faith Network

SOF 2020

We alone create our religion and our faith

Stamford Court

Conference Centre

 Leicester University

The Sea of Faith Network

will be holding its

33rd Annual Conference


The University of Leicester

21 -23 July 2020

Sea of Faith is a network of groups and individuals who share the understanding that religions and religious faith are creations of the human mind and explore together the implications of that understanding for their moral, spiritual, social and cultural values.

SOF welcomes people from all faith and humanist communities, and those with no involvement in any organised religion. The membership reflects a range of experiential, intuitive and intellectual concerns.

Analysis of attendee feedback over recent years has encouraged the Trustees and those of us charged with planning this year’s conference to try something new and, hopefully, exciting. Adopting a new format, this year’s conference has been likened to a “Retreat”. For members of Sea of Faith, particularly those who regularly attend conference, we see this as an opportunity to escape the noise and distractions of life for two days, refreshing and renewing ourselves, equipping us to meet the challenges we face as individuals or in community.

The title for this year’s gathering is “Thinking Aloud”  We will hope it will address the most highly rated feature every year… providing a forum for meeting old friends, making new friends, socializing and sharing ideas on some key subjects in a safe, accepting, non judgmental atmosphere … free to say those things maybe that we might only say when thinking aloud? It will provide opportunities to develop discussions around last year’s theme Is That All There Is? and earlier ones We are inviting everyone who is able to join, not just our speakers, to interpret and explore ideas question as broadly as they choose. We hope to come away from what is for many of us the annual summer ‘fix’, feeling inspired, uplifted and with our mental outlook expanded.

The programme is being designed to draw on the diverse knowledge and experience of SOF members, supporters and others who will be joining us for the event. Base groups will provide an opportunity for shared reflection as the conference unfolds; in the forum sessions there will be workshops, seminars, and discussions devoted to specific topics; and at regular intervals, members will be giving short talks on issues of particular interest to them.

As usual, two longer talks are included, one from our principal guest and one from a SOF member.


Laurie Taylor & Tony Windross