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SOF 2017

We alone create our religion and our faith

SOF2017: The Forum

There will be three forums sessions during the conference, each a mixture of workshops, seminars, and discussion groups. The format for the second session will be slightly different: on Wednesday morning, in the ‘Speakers’ Corner’ session, six workshop/discussion group leaders will have 10 minutes in which to talk about their subject. Attendees will then be given the opportunity choose a workshop for that afternoon’s session.

You will be able make your selection for the first and third sessions in advance and, with a choice of at least six, there should be something for everybody. Subjects will be mostly, but not exclusively, on the theme of the conference.

Further details will be published here during the next few months. A complete list and a booking form will be available from the last week of June.

Some workshop and other events are already planned, but if you have any ideas for either please let us know in the space on the back of your booking form and we will get in touch. Suggesting a subject for a workshop doesn't commit you to running it, but if you haven't run a workshop before and would like to try, there's plenty of help on hand if you need it.

To find out more email