Sea of Faith London Day Conference 2020

While this conference is organised by the Sea of Faith it is not an exclusively Sea of Faith event. Speakers do not necessarily endorse a Sea of Faith line on any subject and we attract attendance from a wide range of backgrounds to these events - both religious and non-religious.

‘In the Beginning was the Word’  - Religion as Poetry and Story?

Sea of Faith is a registered charity, no. 1113177

Saturday 25th March at St John‘s Church, Waterloo, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Reserve a place

If you would like to reserve a place at the 2011 London Day Conference please download and print the booking form and after completing it send it with payment to:

    John Seargeant (SOF)

    61 Fordington Road

    London, N6 4TH

Download and print the booking form

If you have any questions or queries please phone: 020 8422 1591

Please note that this is not an electronic on-line booking system. You have to download the form, print it and fill it in by hand. Sorry, but we do not conduct enough transactions to justify an on-line payments system at present.


£20.00 to reserve a single place

£17.00 for a concessionary place (Retired, Unemployed, Under 16 etc)

Tea and coffee in the breaks is included in the cost


You may bring your own packed lunch to eat at the conference centre. Alternatively, there are a number of pubs and cafes in the area where lunch can be bought.